26 and Exhausted...

I know what you're thinking, how can anyone under the age of thirty be so exhausted from life?! And I completely understand the want to slap me right now, but it's true. By the time 27 hit, I was so done. Life just seemed to throw so much sh*t my way, starting when I was a young child and my parents separated, and it just seemed to evolve. I would look at my friends and just pray to whichever atheist source of help there was out there and ask 'why can't I just have a normal family?!'.

So, the morale of this blog is, get rid of the dead wood and harvest some awesomeness in your life - you deserve it :)p in, because there's no perfection in any family and our normal may be different to others' and that's okay. This is me at age 26. I convinced myself that trowelling on the makeup and having a bouncy blowdry was going to convince the world that life was amazing and I totally had my sh*t together. Well, guess what, I didn't. It was only when my Dad passed away the following year I knew 'enough was enough' and it was time to stop whining and start living.

Thankfully I did SORT. MY. SH*T. OUT. Jeeeeeeeeeeez, could you even imagine what life would be like if I didn't? I was boring myself with the negativity and 'woe me' scenarios, let alone everyone else! How I still had friends and family left who were willing to hold a conversation with me, I'll never know. It turns out, life is pretty damn great! A lot can be said for how you perceive things and a lot of things comes from the inner work we must do on ourselves in order to show up as a more positive and constructive human. Who knew that decent nutrition, consistent exercise, reading personal development books and getting rid of the d*ck heads in your life, really can make a difference!

And to that point, if you have anyone in your life who is draining the f*cking life out of you right now, I ask you one thing, why are you bothering?! These people literally drag your soul from under your feet, stamp on it daily and then try and force feed it back down your throat. You know exactly the type of people I am describing, don't you?! These leeches do not get any better. They will not support your dreams and aspirations, they will not make you feel good when you're down, they will not be there to pick you back up off of the floor either... so, get new friends! And yes, it is as easy as that... perhaps you're someone who is lacking in confidence, I get that, so this may seem massively out of your comfort zone, but people are generally pretty cool when it comes to having a friendly chat. Perhaps someone at work, your gym class, your kids' school? Plenty of opportunity to find those little gems of society and, you never know, you might actually have fun doing it! I've had an amazing time doing this over the past three years and have new besties because of it.

So, the moral of this blog is, get rid of the dead wood and harvest some awesomeness in your life - you deserve it :)

Alice x

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