Healing ✨

So this week’s blog is a little more intense I guess, but don’t panic, I’m not going to start ugly crying whilst I type this and send you running for the hills... I just thought I’d share with you my recent experience with some shamanic healing 🙏🏼

My sister and I a cool 20+ years ago!

I knew deep down that I needed some sort of healing as I’ve been working on myself for the past few years and have delved further into the spiritual world where this had started to highlight to me that there was something more that needed to be done. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about dancing around fires with a hat made out of twigs and my naked body flapping about the place, I’m talking about a more spiritual mindset. Have you ever tried it? It’s been rather freeing for me and has allowed me to become far more openminded than the self absorbed twat I used to be growing up and that in itself is worth it!

I knew I’d blocked a lot of my childhood out as I got older because I literally couldn’t remember a thing. The only things I could vaguely remember were the not-so-nice events which was bloody annoying to say the least. But our minds and bodies are so magical because they do what is necessary to look after us. That is why I’m so passionate about looking after them too, because if you love them, they’re going to love you back in far greater ways than you can ever imagine.

So the healing took place and the lady who did it, an incredible lady who has been coaching me through the whole of lockdown both in business and spiritually, said my inner child had been stuck in the past due to feeling guilty for a mistake I made when I was younger. It was quite spooky really because she had everything right. The location, colours of items, how I felt, the reactions of people around me and so it was time to bring this part back to me and love my younger self just as much as I love myself now. It felt good, it felt necessary. But to think my inner child and I had been apart all those years was frankly quite upsetting and shocking! I mean, I’m always d*cking around and taking the p*ss out of people and situations, in jest of course, so it really did surprise me in that sense, but I knew there was something holding me back and this was it...

Fast forward ten days and I feel better. I can’t describe exactly how, but I feel much calmer and there’s definitely been a shift in how my daughter and I are together. There’s instantly been more forthcoming love from her to me, something I’ve craved since the day she was born as she’s always been fiercely independent and wanted her own space (she’s four!), but clearly I was putting a blocker on this myself without realising it.

This is why I wanted to share some of my experience with you in case you’re feeling stuck or perhaps you’re craving the love of others when in fact it might be us who is stopping that. Who knew?! Life is so bloody complicated at times, but there are always ways around things. We can deal with whatever life throws our way and, quite frankly, it is the only way to live a happy, fulfilled and sustainable life because brushing things under the carpet is only going to mask things for a while until it rears its ugly head in the future...

Happy Friday All ✨

Alice x

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