Politely tell everyone to P*ss Off!! You’re doing great 👍🏼

I mean, seriously. Like we haven’t got enough going on during this pandemic-laden world without Ethel from Facebook telling you exactly how you need to live during the next four weeks 🙄

I tell you what, why don’t you do what you’ve always done and just GET ON WITH IT! You’re a parent, a sibling, perhaps a partner to someone and maybe you’re in work, or perhaps not due to the C word, so you know damn well what it is you should be doing right now to look after you and yours - so stick with that.

Perhaps people are trying to be helpful, perhaps they’re just too busy getting involved in other people’s business to notice, but it’s just not helpful at all. It’s all too often I find people dishing out the same dreary, lacklustre advice, tarring everyone with the same brush as if we all lead these perfectly ‘normal’ existences, when the truth is, most of us are just hanging on by the skin of our teeth, trying to swim rather than sink due to the shambolic nature of things beyond our control. So please, please, please, you are well within your right to politely tell these unhelpful folk to “P*ss Right Off!!”.

Now, this comes with a warning guys. You will probably lose some of these counterfeit ‘friends’ and that is okay! Your actual friends wouldn’t be adding to your worries, they’ll be helping you to get through them with as much damage limitation as physically possible. So let these unhelpful, judgy, narrow-minded folk be gone, once and for all, because let’s be honest, they’ve been driving you mad anyway by filling your newsfeed with exhausting content, am I right?!

Remember what I always stand by and it’s what I am building my business out of and that is to PROTECT YOUR MINDSET. So anyone or anything who is adding to the mental exhaustion or who just genuinely knows how to get your goat at any given moment, get them out!

Okay guys, you’ve got this. I truly believe in you and that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, but there is ALWAYS a valuable lesson(s) out of these bloody shite times, so we have to keep our eyes and ears open, take in what is necessary, block out the b*llsh*t and focus on the now.

I’m here if you need me ✌🏼

All my love, Alice x

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