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As your Nutritional Wellness Consultant, I’m committed to empowering you to live a better and healthier life through a personalised program. Together, we’ll push boundaries and find new and better ways to achieve your goals.


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Green Goodness

Nutritional Therapy

Not everyone has the same needs. In fact, it’s hard to find two people who benefit from the exact same approach to health! Let’s get to know each other and together we’ll build out your personalised wellness plan.

Your Nutritional Therapy consultation ca be held face to face at your home in Kent or alternatively via Skype or Zoom. The consultation will run as follows:

  • Up to two hours initial consultation

  • Detailed medical history taken including family history

  • Look through your completed food diary which I would have requested before our session

  • A devised nutrition and lifestyle plan will be e-mailed to you post the session which will include recipes etc

Fees include my time spent researching and developing your programme pre and post your consultation.

A follow up consultation usually takes place four weeks after your initial appointment where I provide the opportunity to discuss progress and how we can continue to move forward.

If you feel you would prefer another consultation sooner then we can arrange that to suit your needs.

Happy Children

Nutrition for Children

Have you ever thought about the connection between our children's mindset and the foods they are consuming? It's become ever more apparent that our kids' nutrition is fundamental in how they feel within themselves and how they are able to focus in a school environment.

Mental health issues are on the rise and so I am here to help you engage your children with the concept of food and its supporting capabilities towards their midset.

Starting from October 2020, I will be running fun yet educational nutrition and cooking workshops for 7-13 year olds where we will be talking all things food, the benefits it has for their mental wellbeing followed by live cooking onsite for them to enjoy!

Register your interest below as we work towards delivering these safe3ly post COVID-19.

Meditation by the Sea

Introductory Offer!

12 Week Online Programme

Starting September 2020, I will be launching a 12 Week Programme focussing on your overall confidence and self esteem, how to grow and nurture this new found self care and utilise it going forward for both your personal and/or business goals.

We will be focussing on the following topics:

  • Nutrition

  • Sleep/Morning Routine

  • Relationships

  • Personal Development

  • Exercise

You will be part of a Private Facebook Support Group where I will be hosting weekly live online sessions and will support you throughout the programme, answering questions as we move forward. You will be given a workbook to complete a topic each week which is for your own benefit and will not be marked, but gives you a sense of accountability and motivation.

This Programme is £99 per month for three months. Spaces are limited so do get in touch to secure your place!